Mana Mastery (passive)
Get the knowledge of magic. Magic Attack (MATK) is increased.
-Lv1 When apprentice (MATK +20)
-Lv2 Full job
-Lv3 Quest from Rita in Witch Hunter Forest.

Mana Wave
Attack magic non-attribute.
-Lv1 MP12 When apprentice
-Lv2 MP24 Quest from Maya the fortune teller in Rokoko City.
-Lv3 MP36 Basic Magic III

Mini heal
Recover a little HP to the target.
-Lv1 MP18 When apprentice
-Lv2 MP36 Full job
-Lv3 MP54 How to Heal III

Mana Recovery (passive)
MP natural recovery of itself always increases.
-Lv1 Full job(MP natural recovery +5)
-Lv2 Quest from Kady in Diel Village(MP natural recovery +10)
-Lv3 MP Recovery III (MP natural recovery +15)

Dark Blast
Attack magic of darkness attribute.
-Lv1 MP36 Dark Manual
-Lv2 MP72 Dark Manual II

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