High Wizard

Mana Recover (passive)
MP natural recovery of itself always increases
-Lv6 when becoming apprentice (MP natural recovery +30)
-Lv7 quest for Lv260 (MP natural recovery +?)

Attack magic of darkness attribute. Absorb damage and recover HP
-Lv2 MP120 when becoming apprentice
▷Effect ends when resurrected back to life by the absorption leading to exhaustion for 60 seconds

Attack magic of wind element. May paralyze the foe
-Lv2 MP56 full job
-Lv3 MP72 quest for Lv160

Rod Mastery (passive)
When equipped with a rod, magic defense (MDEF) rises and (MATK) magic attack power.
-Lv1 when becoming apprentice (MATK +?%, MDEF +100)
-Lv2 full job (MATK +3%, MDEF +150)
-Lv3 quest for Lv240 (MATK +4%, MDEF +200) use
-Lv4 quest for Lv280 (MATK +50, MATK +4%, MDEF +250) use

Earth Pike
Attack magic of earth element. May stun the enemy with low probability.
-Lv1 MP64 when becoming apprentice
-Lv2 MP96 quest for LV200 -0.5 seconds skill delay

Barrier (passive)
Reduce damage you receive while casting
-Lv1 Full job (Physical and magic damage -20%)
-Lv2 quest for Lv200 (physical and magic damage -30%)
-Lv3 quest for Lv260 (physical and magic damage -40%)
-Lv4 quest for Lv300 (physical and magic damage -50%)

Meteor Storm (range attack)
Attack with meteors. May burn the foes
-Lv1 Full job 1 seconds skills delay

Earthquake (range attack)
Attack the target(s) by generating earthquakes. May stun or paralyze
-Lv1 MP500 full job
▷Take a little damage every use

Thors Hammer
May blind the foe
-Lv1 MP310 quest for Lv160

Spell Burst (passive)
When you attack with magic, power comes to increase at a low probability. Incidence changes in the CRT.
-Lv1 quest for Lv180
-Lv2 Book II of magic enthusiasts of Lv200
-Lv3 Book III of magic enthusiasts of Lv260
-Lv4 (Lv300) Book IV of magic enthusiasts
▷ 20% in CRT1, 45% in CRT256, 60% in CRT400, increased 1% per CRT10

Blizzard (PT range attack)
Multi hit a foe. May freeze the foes. Fixed rate hit, hit 6 maximum.
-Lv1 MP410 quest for Lv180

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