Absorb (passive)
Absorb the MP portion of the damage received.
-Lv1 Enhancer Apprenticeship
-Lv2 Full Enchanter
-Lv3 item for Lv200
-Lv4 item for Lv260

Enchantment (passive)
Raises ATK based on INT
-Lv1 Enchanter Apprenticeship
-Lv2 Full Enchanter
-Lv3 Book III of Imbued (Lv260)

Draw Way
Raise autoskill trigger percentage
-Lv1 MP88 Enchanter Apprenticeship (+5% autoskill for 5 minutes)
-LV2 MP152 Full Enchanter (+10% autoskill for 6 minutes)

Magic barrier
Increase of defense varies on the INT of the target.
-Lv1 MP480 Enchanter Apprenticeship (MaxHP+1000 for 10 minutes)
-Lv2 MP720 Full Enchanter (MaxHP+2000 for 10 minutes)
-Lv3 MP960 Skill quest for Lv180 (MaxHP+3000 for 10 minutes)
-Lv4 MP1200 Item useable when Lv280(Book IV of magic barrier[MaxHP+4000 for 10 minutes])
DEF amount of increase = INT × 0.5 + skill Lv × Lv × 0.1
MDEF increase amount = INT × 0.1 + skill Lv × Lv × 0.2

Weapon Skills
Skill to put the magic weapon. Probability of triggering an attack magic every time it performs a normal attack is to occur subject.
-Lv1 MP320 Full Enchanter (5 minutes)
-Lv2 MP480 Item useable when Lv200(Book II of magic warrior[6 minutes])
-Lv3 MP640 Skill quest for Lv260 (7 minutes)
Note: Paralysis with probability, 50% magic avoidance, Fire, water attributes (physical attributes), wind element(swoon complex type of magic and physical attributes, with a low probability), special state to non-attribute weapons is additional non-attribute magic

Stone Skin
Disables up to a certain amount of damage.
-Lv1 MP100 Skill quest for Lv160 from King Elban in The Palace(Elban City) (30 seconds, maximum MP ÷ 200)
-Lv2 MP130 Skill quest for Lv220 (30 seconds, maximum MP ÷ 200)
-Lv3 MP160 Skill quest for Lv300 (30 seconds, maximum MP ÷ 200)

Mana burn
Hit rate is increased at short distances, stun is almost absolute to occur.
-Lv1 MP1000 Skill quest for Lv160
Note: Upon a successful stun on foe. You will be stunned as Well. (Skill is based off of MaxMP and MATK)

Increases the targets Elemental attributes.
-Lv1 ~ 4 MP160 Skill quest for Lv180 (2 minutes)

Lv1 (fire) Fire Physical Attack Damage Fire defense increase, Fire magic attack power increase
Lv2 (water) water element physical attack damage, water attribute defense increase, water element magic attack power increase
Lv3 (wind) wind attribute physical attack damage, wind attribute defense increase, wind element magic attack power increase
Lv4 (earth) ground attribute physical attack damage area attribute defense increase, earth element magic attack power increase

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