Faith (passive)
Increase the maximum HP.
-Lv3 Bishop Apprenticeship (MaxHP +700)
-Lv4 Item useable when Lv260 (MaxHP +900)

Restores large amounts of HP of the target.
-Lv3 MP120 Bishop Apprenticeship
-Lv4 MP256 Full Bishop

Holy Light
Light magic attack.
-Lv2 MP72 Skill quest for Lv160

Capacity (passive)
MaxMP increase.
-Lv1 Bishop Apprenticeship (MaxMP +?%)
-Lv2 Full Bishop (MaxMP + about 20%)

Resurrect fallen allies.
-Lv1 MP320 Bishop Apprenticeship
-Lv2 MP380 Skill quest for Lv220 (10 minutes)
-Lv3 MP440 Item useable when Lv260 (15 minutes)

Divine Bless
The fixed time restore the HP and MP of all members PT. All status rises.
-Lv1 MP480 Bishop Apprenticeship
-Lv2 MP600 Item useable when LV200 (6 minutes time effect)

Physical (passive)
Prayer to enhance magic. Maximum MP increases and (MATK) magic attack power increases
-Lv1 MP128 Full Bishop
-Lv2 MP192 Skill quest for Lv160 (4 minutes time effect MATK + about 12% MaxMP + about 12%)
-Lv3 MP256 Item useable when LV200 (5 minutes time effect MATK + about 16% MaxMP + about 16%)
-Lv4 MP320 Skill quest for Lv260 (6 minutes time effect MATK + about 20% MaxMP + about 20%)

Nemesis (range attack)
Large magic that gives the judgment of God.
-Lv1 MP120 Skill quest for Lv180

Magic to generate a barrier to protect the target. When receiving around, the range attack, and reduce the damage. Does not show an effect when being targeted directly.
-Lv1 MP100 Skill quest for Lv180) (5 minutes time effect) clear
-Lv2 MP100 Item useable when Lv240 (5 minutes time effect)
-Lv3 MP100 Item useable when Lv300 (5 minutes time effect)
Note: Skill requires 10% of HP to be used.

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